Me and ulhasnagar

Ulhas means Joy and nagar means city when coined up it becomes joy city. This is what I truly believe about Ulhasnagar. Ulhasnagar city is situated 37miles away to the north east part of Mumbai. It was originally named as Sindhunagar. Sindhunagar was setupped to accommodate many soldiers and civilians during World War II. This area was converted into township in 1949 and was named Ulhasnagar by then Governor General C. Rajagopalachari. On this 8th August 2009 Ulhasnagar has successfully completed its 60 great years. Nearly 80,000 Sindhis used to dwell in this surrogate land, today the number have increased to 4, 73731. They proudly call Ulhasnagar as their Mother land. Like wise even I have grown a special interest or should I say Attachment towards this city. This attachment is not because I was born and brought up here, but itís because of the people. Their never say die approach have inspired me at those time when all my spirits were low.
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